Welcome to Small-Town Dealers

Free marketing resources for dealership marketing managers

This website is a place to find free marketing resources for dealership marketing managers. I was a digital marketing manager at a small-town OEM dealership for nearly eight years. I absolutely loved my job. The friendships I made with my colleagues will last throughout my life.

I loved the dealership environment so much that I built this website to help other others who market dealerships. I especially hope to support new digital marketing managers in small-town dealerships like mine. Those who take the job often discover there is no actual training beyond OEM level. I talked to plenty of vendors during my time at the dealership, and made some really great friendships. I never talked to anyone in my role, though–someone who had experience doing what I did. Dealership marketing managers “in the trenches” often do not receive the support and collaboration with others in the field that they need to succeed.

Successful dealership marketing starts with in-house marketing

Automotive marketing vendors can free up more time for your employees to do what they do best: sell cars. They can manage your SEO, branding, and paid marketing without stepping a foot in your dealership. However, they can’t market a dealership effectively without an inside, dedicated marketing manager. There must be a dealership contact who manages and audits marketing vendors, gathers initiatives from dealership department managers, and is dedicated to the success of the dealership overall. This person is ideally the dealership digital marketing manager, and they must know the basics of dealership marketing. This website is for that brave person.

Marketing dealerships is important work

Why do I care about helping dealership marketers thrive? Car dealerships give back to the communities they serve. They are often family-owned and family-operated. They provide good jobs for residents. They support important local causes. Schools, local government, police, emergency services, clubs, youth athletics, food banks, and non-profits depend on them. Local franchise dealerships also provide irreplaceable services. Because of them, rural communities enjoy the convenience of local OEM service and parts, rental cars, collision repair, and emergency roadside assistance. They are vital for local economies. Helping dealerships succeed, especially local dealerships, helps small-town USA.

New to dealership marketing?

Don’t panic. I was once in your shoes. I’m here to help. I’ll cover the stuff OEM training doesn’t, like how to take great vehicle photos, and how to create a powerful brand for your dealership. Every week I’ll add new tips and resources to help you help your dealership. Something I didn’t cover? Contact me and I’ll try to help.